Top5 Best Streamer Microphones Gaming & Podcasting

Best Streamer Microphones

Here is my selection of the Top5 Best Streamer Microphones for Gaming & Podcasting. These are the five best stream microphones I’ve tested for you.

The Fifine K669B Microphone

we start right away with the Fifine K669B that i use every day. if it’s in this top 5 it’s because it’s the only mic for less than $50 that i can really recommend. besides, if you look for it on amazon like all the mics we’re going to test today, you’ll find in the description that it’s $36 and it’s got an audio quality that’s very nice to start streaming.

If you’ve never streamed and you want to test it to see if you’ll really like it, don’t buy a more expensive mic than this because most people give up on twitch after one or two months, it would be a shame for you to have a $200 mic just to talk with your buddies on Discord.

The audio quality of this mic out of the box after installation on its little stand and connection to a computer: you get a decent sound but you can still hear a lot of echo in the room and a little bit of all the surrounding noises.

But if you buy two or three inexpensive accessories like a windshield and a microphone arm to put it close to your mouth, the sound is much better and is definitely enough to get started on twitch.

The Bird UM1 Microphone

We go straight to the fourth position with the Bird UM1. it is a microphone with an audio quality that is really incredible for its price of $50 we only have to compare it with other microphones of the same price and you will see that it is not the same.

It is less expensive than the Fifine K669B which is a USB microphone at $69 which is frankly not too bad but which has quite a lot of defects and the Bird UM1 which costs him $10 less but which has a tone much richer with much more details but nevertheless it is that the fourth position of this classification because it is a top 5 of the best micro for streamer

The Bird UM1 even if it is a great microphone is not perfect for streamers because it was not really thought as a streaming microphone it has no button not even a small mute button and it is provided without software and especially the Bird UM1 is a condenser microphone which makes it has a very good audio quality but it picks up all ambient noise (keyboard, mouse, echo …)

The Samson Q2U Microphone

In 3rd place of our Top5 Best Streamer Microphones we have the Samson Q2U. It’s one of the only dynamic mics to be USB, normally you have to use an XLR connector (the XLR connector is a type of electrical connector primarily found on professional audio, video, and stage lighting equipment) to get this kind of mic. Since this one costs only $69, for me it’s really the best mic for streaming at less than $100 (so logically the mics higher in the ranking are the ones that are worth more than $100)

It’s a dynamic mic that has a lot of features that are useful for a streamer and a jack plug it has a mute button etc. but most importantly it’s a mic that is both USB and XLR which makes this mic a great investment.

If you are starting to stream and you don’t want to take the headache: this mic is perfect for you, just plug it into your computer and you will have a very good quality mic and then if you want to switch to XLR for example, you will be able to continue using it.

It blocks very well all the external noises like my keyboard noise but also the echo that can have a room. Compared with other dynamic microphones like the Procaster microphone, we realize that we are not really on the same level. It’s true that it’s not at all the same prices here, to make it work, you have to spend between $300 and $400 and at least we can see that we can do much better.

The Elgato Wave1 Microphone

At the second position of this Top5 Best Streamer Microphones is the Elgato Wave 1 Microphone and now it costs $100. it’s not a dynamic microphone it doesn’t have the best audio quality in the world but it’s the only microphone that has been thought directly for streamers. It has its place so high in the ranking just because of its Wavelink software that allows you to manage all the audio of your stream very easily and it’s a software that is not far from being perfect unlike Razer who tried to copy them by releasing a microphone of lesser quality and with a software that is barely usable.

As for the audio quality as I said it’s not perfect but frankly it’s not so bad when you compare it with the Bird UM1 of the m1 you realize that you pick up a lot more outside noise like for example keyboard noise I think it’s also the same for the echo that can be in the room which is slightly less the case with the Elgato Wave1 one or hears a little less what’s going on behind it but it still sounds a lot like the Bird UM1. There is a rendering that is a little more professional although it is true that it is not a dynamic microphone like the Q2U.

The Shure MV7 Microphone is the Best Streamer Microphones

In my opinion, the best USB streaming microphone among the Top5 Best Streamer Microphones is the Shure MV7 and that’s despite its $229 price tag. yes it’s expensive but in my opinion it’s definitely worth it. you probably know its big brother the Shure SM7B which is everywhere (80% of top streamers use it) and that’s largely due to the fact that it’s probably the best dynamic mic in the world. However, to use it you will have to spend between $500 and $700.

The Shure MV7 has inherited a lot of quality from its big brother but you can use it in USD and it costs two to three times less. Ok it’s true that $229 is still expensive especially if you stop streaming after two weeks.

But it can be the only microphone you will buy in your whole life because as for the Samson it is a microphone that is USB and XLR which will allow you to evolve. You will have a professional quality sound even for a beginner. It comes with a software that is ultra simple to use. Just plug it into your computer via USB and the software automatically enhances the sound of the microphone according to your voice.

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Now you know which microphone to choose for your podcasting, gaming or streaming activities with this great TOP5 Best Streamer Microphones