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Logitech G29 or G920 Analysis

Logitech G29 or G920 – Read before buying

The logitech g29 and g920 have been the primary go to budget entry sim racing wheels for quite some time now. Overall they’re known for their good value for money but that’s not to say that they aren’t without their flaws.

Let’s review 5 things i hate most about the Logitech racing wheel g29 and g920:

It’s quite small at around 10 inches in diameter it falls way short of the average real world wheel size which is around 14 to 17 inches in diameter. As a result it takes away from its overall look as it almost feels like a kid’s toy due to its small size. For reference the g29 Rim size placed next to a thrustmaster wheel rim accurate to win in a real car you can get a good sense of its size with this comparison.

Compare Logitech G29 with Thrustmaster Wheel Rim
Logitech Racing Kit with Logitech G29 or G920

The consequence of its small size not only that the immersion is significantly lower but for those with bigger hands it could potentially get in the way of your performance in game, especially in more input demanding games.

A poor quality and cheap view of the buttons featured on the wheel: the g289 and g920 both have sufficient amount of buttons for nearly all racing titles. But unfortunately being a mass-market entry-level product: they seem to have cheaped out on them. The d-pad feels wobbly the light blue buttons on the faceplate are too delicate. The red dial which is more inaccurate. Overall the button’s cheap feel and less than ideal precision are one of the things you will hate most about this wheel.

The force feedback of this wheel: unfortunately being a gear driven wheel the g29 engine and 20 provide less than adequate precision feel. The force feedback feels clunky at times as it almost feels light when going on curbs or hitting bumps making it feel inaccurate. Furthermore being gear driven it’s less precise and slower to react meaning that although it’s possible it’s a lot harder to catch slides and get back in control. The motors inside the wheel provides adequate force for beginners and casual players but as you want to increase your competitiveness immersion and overall experience: you will want a wheel capable of providing more force more precision and faster response times.

You’ve probably heard many people complain about the pedals and in all honestly the complaints are very much justified. While the Logitech T29 and G920 come with three pedals the main issue is regarding the brake. It comes with a very stiff brake which requires a lot of force to push down and are not adjustable in any way unless you take it apart somehow and fine tune it. The stiff brake and potentiometer based sensor used in the pedals make them tricky to adjust to and become consistent with.

As a result many logitech wheel owners upgrade the pedals first before anything else as doing so will almost certainly increase consistency in game. Same with the wheel it’s possible to be competitive and quick with them although it will surely take more practice and time to get used to and become consistent with.

Logitech wheels are too loud. They are the gears inside it clunk around especially when you hit bumps and curbs and it makes you surprisingly loud noise. People get worried about noise and that it’s becoming faulty, but that’s just how it is. Granted if you have headphones on you’ll never even notice, however if you live with other people and play in the middle of the living room for example they will definitely notice.

A lot of mechanical noise really takes away from the immersion as it makes it obvious that this is a toy but more than anything it’ll annoy those around you so be wary of that

After this Logitech G29 or G920 Review, I still need to say that these wheels are actually quite decent for the price and if you’re interested, see below the video.

Logitech G29 or G920 Review in video

Logitech G435

The Logitech G435 is a Bluetooth gaming headset for the lifestyle or “LightSpeed” technology from Logitech allowing a fast connection and without latency rather practical for gaming. Logitech’s designers usually succeed with their devices and the Logitech G435 is no exception to the rule.

We find a headset that at first glance is extremely light, in fact it weighs only 165 grams, precisely the same weight as the Teufel Supreme On which is a supra-rural headset, basically that did not cover the entire ear and less comfortable.

Overall, we find a headset with simple shapes and materials. The Logitech is a circum-aural headset, which means that it covers the entire ear. The entire headset is made of plastic and the headband does not deviate from this on the surface either. It is only covered with a fabric in order to make the finish a little more premium than a simple piece of plastic.

Buy Logitech G435 Gaming HeadSet
Cordless Logitech G435

Logitech G435 Sound quality

In terms of sound quality, we find the sound touch of Logitech and after having tested the Logitech G Pro X, we hope to have a similar feeling for this Logitech G435, although for almost half the price. It is with amazement that this Logitech G435 reproduces an excellent sound for its price, whether in game or in music.

When listening to music for the first time, you quickly realize that the bass is really excellent for such an inexpensive product. The treble and midrange follow the bass very well and are present without taking up too much space. Only the treble can on certain frequencies panic, that is to say that the treble can be too present. This can temporarily degrade the audio experience.

We are not on a very light headset, which means that the passive noise reduction is not the most effective. If you use it outside or in any noisy environment, you’ll hear what’s going on next to you.

Logitech G435 for Gaming

We know that Logitech’s strength is video games. And the Logitech G435 is doing very well in this field. Being a big fan of CS:GO and Valorant, we know that having a good headset can be very important in this kind of ultra competitive games.

And we also know that the LightSpeed technology is a very well mastered technology by Logitech. The latencies are practically zero compared to classic Bluetooth. This means that in game, this time is reflected on your reaction time. This allows a much better responsiveness, especially in FPS.

Comfort: As soon as we talk about a headset dedicated to video games, we need an optimal comfort for an intensive use on the long term. To be more precise, I used the Logitech G435 for more than 3 hours in video games and 1 hour and a half in music and the entire time of writing this article.

Conclusion: Logitech G435 has remarkable versatility in music and play. The G435 is very comfortable considering its weight and materials and is very little felt on the head. It is for me one of the best value for money in music and gaming.

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