How to choose your webcam

Learn How to Choose your Webcam

Today we’re going to learn How to choose your webcam while comparing webcams because I had a few webcams lying around at home and I thought we’d do the same thing with them and compare them side by side to see which one is the best. I have three webcams that we’re going to use for this comparison.

The first one is Aukey 1080p webcam. it’s a webcam that is quite interesting I think because today on amazon it’s very easy to get hold of it. I think it’s for about $50. but they make quite often promotions on it I know that it’s for like $25. so it’s still quite easy to access and I was really curious to see the performances that this price could give us.

The vast majority of webcams do not have a proper sound capture device (with their built-in microphones), so you will have to consider investing in a proper USB or XLR microphones to have a correct video & sound system.

Then we have the Stream Cam from Logitech. it’s a webcam that interests me a lot because it seems to be like very expensive for the features it seems to offer. so I was quite curious to see if the Logitech webcam really dedicated to stream had something special. I bought it for something like $170.

The third webcam that we will compare is the classic, which is the equivalent of the blue yeti in webcams well it’s not that it’s a big one and the Logitech C920. It’s the most used webcam on Twitch it’s the most used in general the most sold in the world. I bought it for $100.

To spice up the comparison of webcams, we will compare with a GoPro Hero3 which can be used as a webcam for about $20 with a small capture card.

The last webcam of the comparison that we will use is the webcam that I use every day to stream on Twitch but in fact it is the camera that allows me to shoot this video at the moment is a Sony A6400.

GoPro Hero3 used as Webcam

We start with this GoPro Hero3 which has a white balance that is quite terrible, we are completely yellow but we have a large field of view (FOV) so interesting. In terms of resolution it is quite clean and in terms of autofocus it is very good quality. With the right settings, the return with the GoPro Hero3 is much better and we can handle the white balance problems very well.

Logitech C920 Webcam Review

Now the Logitech C920 Webcam then in terms of white balance we see that it’s not going too well it’s much too cold in terms of fluidity it seems to go in terms of FOV which is still much tighter than that of the GoPro Hero3 but still correct in terms of resolution we see that it’s almost inferior to that of the GoPro Hero3 and in terms of autofocus there seems to be a problem with the exposure After some adjustments, we find ourselves with much better quality colors much nicer. The colors of the Logitech C920 webcam are still a little bit cold but much better than what we had before.

Aukey Webcam Review

Now the Aukey Webcam in terms of white balance seems to be the best of those we could see in terms of fluidity it’s very clean the FOV seems to be comparable to that of the GoPro Hero3 which is quite interesting and in terms of resolution there by cons well it’s still much worse than the first two we could see it’s still a bit ugly. After a few adjustments, it’s much more usable and in the end we find ourselves with a nice rendering, it’s really much better than with the default settings and we managed to fix the sharpness problem, well it’s not crazy but it’s already better.

Sony A6400 used as Webcam

The Sony A6400 presents a huge difference in terms of colors that are much more natural and much more vivid. In terms of fluidity it’s very very good it’s perfect in terms of resolution not there it’s really the best we’ve seen since the beginning and even by far with a very good autofocus, ultra fast. With additional adjustments, it’s even better and it’s very clean.

Webcam Logitech Streamcam Review

Our last webcam is the Logitech Streamcam: in terms of colors there we are on something very washed out in terms of fluidity it’s okay it’s pretty correct in terms of sharpness we sometimes see differences in exposure that hurt the eyes a little but in terms of sharpness it’s pretty clean as far as FOV is concerned and we’re on something of its classics like the Logitec C920 for example. The autofocus has a pulsation that is when gives a rather strange effect. The adjustments have not managed to improve the result.

How to choose your webcam – Conclusion

We can see that the quality of a webcam depends a lot on the filters you apply. You now know how to choose your webcam not only through webcam specifications but also through webcam settings & filters. So don’t forget to comment and tell me which webcam you prefer in this analysis.

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